Are Tufo Tubular Tires Better Than Clinchers

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Founded in 1991, Company Tufo specializes in the development and production of tubular tires. The production of Tufo tires relies on the over 25 years of experience in the rubber tire industry belonging to its founder Miloslav Klabal. The owner is himself a passionate racing cyclist and enthusiast. Before launching his own company he devoted many years to research and development in this industry.

Tufo mostly makes bicycle racing and competition tires. The company seeks to apply the most innovative technologies and techniques in order to create the highest quality product for its users. This innovative approach is evident in the number of patents they hold. The Tufo tubular is one such patented product, as it is the unusual Tufo tubular clincher.

Tubeless bike tires are also known as "sprints" or "sew ups". They are refered by this because the tire is stitched around the inner tube, this contrasts to a beaded edge like a clincher tire. They are held by glue onto special rims which are made specifically for this type of tire. These rims and tires are each a little lighter than a standard clincher and many riders find they provide a more comfortable ride. In technical terms the tires are more resistant to rolling, a major advantage for safety.

In contrast, a clincher tire has an inner tube and an outer tire. The tire looks like a "U" if seen as a cross section then the edges of the "U" connect to the edges of the rim holding it securely in place. A liner separates these layers. On the edge of the tire is a "bead" made of wire or Kevlar hoops. These beads hold the tire to the rim.

In the world of professional cyclist tubeless tires are preferred over clincher type tires for the added safety as well as the subtracted weight. If a blowout or a flat occurs the rider's stability is less likely to be effected and Tufo tubular tires can be ridden flat in case of an emergency. The drawback is to repair that flat, which is not easy at all. Often flats are discarded and replaced completely.

This is not true when Tufo Sealant is used in conjunction with their tires. Tufo sealant makes repairs much easier than before and less time consuming. It is possible that there is minimal delay as the tire is repaired quickly saving the rider precious time. It can seal punctures up to 2 mm in diameter after a flat occurs or be used as a preventative measure. Tufo tire sealant Extreme works on larger punctures but only after a flat has occurred. As you might have guessed both would be a big help if you ran into trouble during a ride.

Standard tubeless bike tires are not the only product of this innovative company. The Tufo tire is also available for installation on a clincher rim. This concept which is new to the industry is possible because they made design changes. It incorporates a new type of construction that simultaneously eliminates the need for glue and rim liners without sacrificing the stability, safety and ride of a tubeless tire. Riders can switch to this type of tubeless tire without having to buy new rims. They can replace their old tires, tubes and liners with one convenient Tufo tubular clincher.

One example of this new technology is the Tufo S33 Special tire. This tire has a fine tread pattern well suited for traction on poor riding surfaces. Triathletes among others would value this product because of where they ride. It has very good puncture resistance and will survive the high mileage required for serious training. It installs without glue, tape or tools.

Either type of Tufo tubular tires offers a lot of benefits to riders. Thanks to their commitment to quality, innovative designs and technological advances Tufo is an industry leader.